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Jamdani Mashroom White 150 Ct Cotton Handwoven Saree

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Understated and yet very elegant mushroom white soft cotton Jamdani saree. Made of 150 count cotton  yarns, you really have to touch and see it in person to appreciate the beauty and feel of this textile!  Your purchase with intention goes a long way in supporting weaving and detailing artisans whose skills and livelihoods must be preserved, encouraged and perpetuated.

It may take two weeks to a month to weave such a saree, depending on the amount of extra weft work. To learn more about the makers, process and product please read below in description.

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Fabric: 150 count cotton

Blouse: Unstitched, About 80 cm in length

Saree Length: 5.5 meters

Saree Width: 45 Inches

Colors: Ivory White

Pattern: White on White jamdani with zari on selvedge

Border: Antique Zari

Pallu: Extra Weft Geometric Motifs

Weaving Cluster:  West Bengal

Care: Green dry cleaning or handwash with cold water and mild detergents only when absolutely necessary. Iron on reverse is recommended to preserve the beauty of this fabric.

Disclaimer: Characteristic imperfections associated with handweaving maybe noticed. This is not a flaw but indicative of handmade process. Despite every effort to showcase each product’s color and design, please note that actual colors may vary due to different device settings and other factors.

Jamdani: The highly skilled craftsmen of Bengal weave magic by their hands called Jamdani which is an intricate design made using hands on the weaving loom. It is considered as one of the most time consuming and laborious work. It is a supplementary weft technique of weaving, where the artistic motifs are produced by a non-structural weft. The standard weft (base fabric) is a fine( muslin of 100 and above thread count) and sheer fabric, while the supplementary weft with thicker threads adds the intricate patterns. Each supplementary weft motif is added separately by hand while weaving on the loom. Jamdani muslin fabric is expensive due to its laborious work which requires a lot of patience, skill and effort while making these textiles. As consumers it is important to understand the difference and support the skills of artisans still working in this beautiful but painstaking technique.

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