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Bhujodi Wool Extra Weft Work Stole/Scarf

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Soft Marino wool scarf/stole masterfully handwoven with exquisite, colorful extra-weft motif work that Bhujodi textiles are famous for. This one is special for the extra-weft work spans the whole body of the stole, a time consuming and very skilled job.

We are committed to sustainable fair trade and artisan made textiles, it is our pleasure to bring to you a curated collection of handwoven articles by artisan Vankar Arun. This comes embellished with lovely handmade small tassels made by women members of the family.

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Fabric: Marino Wool

Size: 23 inch x 78 inch

Colors: Peach, Multicolor Extra Weft Work

Care: Dry Clean only, when absolutely necessary.

Disclaimer: Characteristic imperfections associated with handweaving maybe noticed. This is not a flaw but indicative of handmade process. Despite every effort to showcase each product’s color and design, please note that actual colors may vary due to different device settings and other factors.

Made by: This beautiful textile is handwoven by Arun Vankar and his family. Arun belongs to the Vankar weaver community from Bhujodi village, a major textile  center of Kutch. Bhujodi used to be a headgear and later the weavers started using this weave for other products like shawls, sarees, dupattas, stoles and yardages. Arun is a young weaver artisan and everyone in the family is engaged in this craft. Arun has a keen eye for contemporary color ways and design while staying true to this heritage craft which he learned from his father. The family has been engaged in this craft for many generations.

Bhujodi: Bhujodi a 500 year old small town, is a major textile center of Kutch, with the vast majority of the inhabitants involved in textile handicrafts. The Vankars of Bhujodi, about 200 of them are primarily involved in cloth weaving. This weaving technique used to be for headgear and shawls and later the weavers started using this weave for other products like shawls, sarees, dupattas, stoles and yardages. This shaft witnessed a major decline in 80s and 90s as demand for these in local markets began to dry up. Gradually, due to concerted efforts of senior weaver artisans, state and center government these textiles were introduced to national audience through craft fairs and national and international fair trades. These woven products are an excellent example of intricate and colorful extra weft weaving technique. The fibres often used are indigenous organic cotton, cotton, wool and silk. Typically the whole household is engaged in the process, while men sit on the loom and weave, women take care of preparing the yarn, setting it up on the loom and finishing the woven articles. The young ones in the family pick up the craft at early age watching and learning from their elders.

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