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Gold Plated Patti Psithurism Dangle Earrings

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Our original Psithursm Patti gold plated dangle earrings are beautifully detailed, with ornate border and leaflet like etched pattern. Psithurism is a Greek word for for the sound of rustling leaves. The individual components are hand soldered in a seamless hidden linked design which looks uber cool when worn. Crafted in 24 K gold plated, nickel and lead-free brass. Thoughtfully designed and rooted in love of nature, these earrings are perfect union of elegant form alluring pattern and lovely movement.

To learn more about the materials, care and makers, please read description below.

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Materials: Yellow Brass (Nickel and Lead free), Sterling  silver Ear-wires, 24 k Gold Plating

Size: 6 cms (2.36 inch)

Care: To avoid tarnish/oxidation, please store in airtight bag. Do not wear it to swimming pool or anywhere there is contact with chlorinated water. Please wear perfume, pirated deoderant etc. before putting on the jewelry. Over time with use, the surface may become a bit tarnished or turn darker, please rub gently with a silver/jewelry cleaning cloth.

Designed and Made By: These were designed and created (masters)  by our Co-Founder Meenu Devrani from her California based studio. All her creative work is informed and inspired by love of Culture and Nature,  she has a particular fascination with seedpods and textures and patterns found abundantly in nature. This original collection is rooted in such appreciation of natural plant materials and forms. For our small batch production purpose we collaborated with Tanu of Tara Juvel, she runs a jewelry studio in Jaipur with a team of five onsite kaarigars(artisans).

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