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Tangaliya is a fascinating weave from Surendranagar region of Gujrat, India, woven by the Dangasiya community. Traditionally, this kind of work was done on woolen textiles that were used as wraparound or throws (Tang-meaning legs, reference to a fabric that is used to cover legs to protect from cold) by Bharwad  (a shepherd community). Its revival involving cotton and silk fibers has led to increasing demand and many a weavers who had either taken up agriculture, migrated or switched to day laborer jobs have come back to weaving these beautiful textiles. The essence of Tangaliya weaving is the intricate process of twisting extra weft native sheep wool beads into the yarn while weaving, resulting in glowing colorful designs, resembling dana (dotted) work embroidery. The process is painstaking but the results are truly sensational!  The amazing thing about this heritage technique is that the designs look identical in front as well as back. Enjoy our offerings of genuine Tangaliya textiles straight from the pit looms of weavers.

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